Thursday, January 7, 2010


So for the first time this year, WE HAVE SNOW! I get very excited about this fact. Unlike most, I know how to drive on it, and have practiced on my trips to northern Indiana and Michigan.
I have stayed in the house all day and cleaned the place up. My friends and I had plans to watch the Alabama Vs. Texas Football game. Well since we had above said snow... they have bailed one me. On the plus side, JH is supposed to come over and "watch the game" with me but we will see

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I guess I am gonna try this bloggy thing...

So, since I have nothing better to do with my time...I STARTED A BLOG! I doubt that anyone will follow it and I will probably not know what to say 95.7% of the time... but the hell with it. Why not!

SOOOO... I have been single since October (long, convoluted story) and I am trying my hand at this dating thing. I have been working the online boy market and so far I have found out one thing... PEOPLE ARE PSYCHO! Like I am not exagerating. So far I have found 3 types of guys online: Sex crazed nympho's, bottle toting mama's boys, and clingy needy boys with mother issues.

I am currently "talking to" 3 guys, 2 of which were internet finds and the other one I work with.

The first guy that I am talking to we will call "Aerren Hair Guy". The reason for this name is one of my best friends, Carla, has a son named Aerren who has dark curly hair. "AHG" has the same type of hair, hence the name. We have not met in person yet but we text often and he as begun calling me "baby" "honey" and "sweetheart". I am not entirely sure what I feel about this. I have found out durring our little chats that he has been married twice (possibly 3 times, I can't remember) and he said that his relationships never get past the 3 year mark...

Guy number 2 (whom well call Quiet Geek or QG) is a very quiet shy type person. His parents own a cell phone store in the town that I live in and he is a freelance photographer and he does graphic design. He has a 6 year old son that he has custody of. QG and I have met one time, and went out for mexican food... and beer of course. We have talked on the phone a few times as he does not text message. We talked on the phone for an hour and 15 min last night and he said that I am the first girl in a year that he has asked to go out a second time. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or scared.

Guy 3 is the one that I work with. We are both servers at a Japanesse steakhouse. We shall call him Japanese Hottie, of in the sake of keeping things short, JH. JH is out of my leauge. He works out daily, watches what he eats and does not drink (oh and did I mention that he is hot). I on the other hand have a gym membership that I pay for and go to maybe once a month, I just finished a twix and I am drinking a Sprite at my desk, and I have half a 12 pack of Busch Lite in my fridge (along with 4 Smirnoff Ices, 1/4 bottle of Absolute and 1/2 a bottle of Bacardi) I don't see things going anywhere with JH just because I would have to give up 3 things I hold dear... Food, Alchohol, and Laziness. But did I mention that he is hot???