Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let downs and diets

This week has been a really crappy one for me. Monday morning after getting out of class, I check the mail. There is an envelope from my college nursing program. I have been waiting on this piece of mail for 6 months now. My heart started racing and my palms got sweatty. I carefully opened the envelope and unfolded the crisp white paper. "We regret that we cannot offer you a position in the Spring nursing program." SHIT! Now what am I gonna do? I had my schedule made out for them next 2 years and was ready to wear that ugly outdated pill box hat.

Add to that, Steven and I have started a diet and a running program (Couch to 5K) So, I am being denied my usual high fat, high fun diet in exchange for a boring but healthy diet. Now, I have to tell you nothing makes me crankier than to mess with my food!

Lets just hope next week is better!

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